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  60th Class Reunion
  October 10 & 11, 2014

  55th Class Reunion
  June 6 & 7, 2009

  55th Reunion Recap
  June 6 & 7, 2009

  55th Reunion Photos
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  UPDATE July 14, 2009

  50th Reunion Recap
  Who, What, Where & When

  50th Commentary
  Thank Yous and Notes

  50th Reunion Photos
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  Alumni Status
  Head Count

  December 11, 2008
  The Ice Storm Cometh
  ... where's Unitil?!!!

  Whalom Park Closes
  Wooden Rollercoasters

  Windmill Pizza Shop
  ... and Frankie Lane

  The Marathoner
  ... around the world

  Crocker Field
  ... 90 years and counting

  Tri-Town Drive-In
  ... the last drive-in theater

  Coggshall Park
  ... struck by vandals

  Class Giving
  ... philanthropy

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The Top 10 Reasons
...not to miss the next reunion

1. Youíll laugh, cry and reminisce with some of your oldest friends.

2. You donít have to lie about your age.

3. Feel better realizing you aren't the only one who has been married, divorced and is still looking.

4. Of the many alumni coming to their first reunion make them feel fully appreciated for finally showing up.

5. Rekindle or begin new relationships.

6. Even if you had some negative experiences in high school, donít fret about it. You will most likely laugh about it now.

7. Enjoy an evening out without the kids or grand kids as the case may be.

8. Use the reunion as an opportunity to diet and and shape up.

9. Humor the committee; they usually are a bunch of deluded die hards who think everyone should show up to appreciate all their efforts.

10. And finally, studies have shown that those who were initially hesitant about attending their reunions discover it was the event they wouldnít have missed.


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55th Reunion

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